Friday, 12 April 2019

Easter Fun DAYY!! + Last Day of SCHOOOL

Ites me J... KAde and Today is Easter Fun day. The day has only started and I am already having a great time. First off today we made easter hats here is a picture
This is a short blog at the moment but I will continue later today:)
See you later

Friday, 5 April 2019

Student Summit 2019

Hey Sisters
So this year we had Student Summit ( Basically it is a thing were we share stuff like technology. ) This year I was chosen to present. We learn lots of cool stuff buy my favourite was Voki. Click on the link to find out what is is and have a try yourself. Here are some pictures:

If you went to 2019 Student Summit how was it? What was your favorite workstation?
See you in the next blog post. Byeeee

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Recount AGAIN🤔

Hey Sisters!🤔
It'ss me Kadddeeee!
I made a recount AGAIN If you'd like to see it comment if you don't GO AWAY!!!!
Image result for wonderBut anyway all you guys (and girls) know wonder? Well its a book (and movie) its about this kid who was born with a disorder for his face and now he has to deal with school and stuff. Here's a pic of the cover.  I made a recount about when he goes to the tour of his school. Wanna see it? Of course you do. 

Here it is:

Last week I did something a bit out of the ordinary, my Mum took me over to Beecher Prep also known as my new school. When we got there I walked in like a turtle, I was not happy. We were then greeted by the friendly Mr Tushman (I thought it was a bit funny.) He could obviously see that I was smiling and said that some other kids thought it was funny. We talked about what it would be like at this school. Then Mr T said something really interesting, he said that there were some other kids from the same homeroom as me. Mr T told them to take me on a tour I was scared at first but I got a bit ticked off. I looked at Mum to show her how annoyed I was but when I saw her she was more nervous than me.

Mr T showed me to the kids they were called Julian, Jack and Charlotte. After that we left, first we headed to our homeroom which was room 301. Charlotte explains that this is where you go before school it's where you get the roll done. Once they were done with that room they moved on to the science lab.

Julian opened the door but out of nowhere stood in front of it. Jack told him to let me in and nudged him out of the way. Julian started explaining everything to me like I the most stupid person on the planet. He pointed to a rubber and told me what it is, Jack afterwards butted in and said that I know what a rubber is. Within moments Julian asked me if I knew what a rubber was obviously I said yes. Eventually we left the room to go to the auditorium.

I looked around the large room Charlotte told me that last year they did a school play. Julian next said that I probably didnt wanna be in a play. I then thought to myself that he didn't need to answer for me. Out of nowhere Charlotte said I didn't need to be in the actual play. I could do the lighting or something. After that Julian asked what's the deal with my face had I been in a fire of something. Charlotte told him off for being amazingly rude and said that he was born like that. She also said that if he'd been listening he would've known. Out of nowhere Jack said that Julian should just shut up afterwards Julian to Jack to shut up. Mometerialy like a firework an argument sparked up. After a while we leave, at the doorway Jack tells me that Julian is a Jerk but I needed to talk.

We finally make it back to the office and Mum is talking to Mr T. He said that we can keep going but I give Mum the signal that I wanted to leave. Mum afterwards said that they needed to go to pick up Via which was a lie. We got into the car and Mum asked me how it was I didn't answer I just wanted to go home. When I was driving back home I was hoping that I won't mess with Julian that much.


As you can see it needs improvement. So it would be really helpful if you could tell me what I need to improve on, It would be a great help. Well anyways I will see you next time

Writing Recount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo On Tuesday 26th We had a recount about a video (If we want to we could do our own recount of what we did.) We had to do it about this video.
Here's mine:

What a peculiar day! As I sat lonely in the park with my sad thoughts out of the blue came a beautiful monarch butterfly. Dancing and fluttering like a ballerina, which created a whisper of a breeze against my face. For those brief moments, I giggle with joy. I was happy.

The butterfly was a beautiful orange, with it flying around me I started to feel like I was in a new world. Sadly the amazing butterfly flew away, At that moment I started feeling miserable again like I had my own rain cloud that was pouring down on me. I just sat there, I had no one to play with. Sitting like I was glued to the seat. I didn't move, I didn't want to move.

Momentarily out of the corner of my eye I say a stack of paper sitting next to me like it was supposed to be there. I picked one blue piece of paper, I started folding it after moments of folding and crinkling. I had an origami butterfly, I started waving it round like it could actually fly. After that like the fumes of a rocket ship a strong wind knocked the butterfly out of my hand. It waved around in the air sadly it got stuck in a tree. I could feel the rain cloud start to grow back above me. But forcing through it there came sunshine which grew a flower.

I tried to grab it but it was to far away but I saw something else… My shadow! I wasn't alone I had my shadow with me. I started playing with my shadow for a long time. The nanny saw me playing she opened the door of the house and came over to me. She reached out her long arms and picked me up and walked further away from the bench. She put my down in my wheelchair and took me back to the house.

So here it is I you like it could you please comment BYE

Monday, 25 March 2019


HEY Sisters
On Friday 15th March We went into Lock down (BTW I not going to bring up what happened that day.) We were just having a normal friday. Going into Reward Time. Then out of nowhere *beep bop. Everyone was like NANI??? x 50 (Translation: What?) The Teachers were like "Its Ok we are just going into lockdown!" That just set everybody of people were running around like headless chickens(JK Tho:) What we really needed to down was get under tables which is what we did first I just continued with my reward time but it continued to after school. Plus the wifi turns off at 3:00 so we just sat there. After a while I got an Ipad to play Minecraft on. I did that for 30 mins then the teachers put a movie on. So I had to sneak across the room like a ninja here's a picture of me.
I made over. We watching Despicable me 2. We watched that for like 30 mins then the teacher came and was like you can go now. Everyone was having a party to be leaving. The teacher said we were in Lockdown for around 2 or 4 hours I can't remember.
We came out of that class room everyone was like "A whole new worlddddddd" That was the end of lockdown. I do have some pictures of lockdown you wanna see? Of course you do let's look.

I really had a BORING time in lockdown if you went to school in Christchurch
What was your lockdown like? BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Friday, 15 March 2019

Home learning - House

Question: You can only save 3 things from a house (doesn't include people) What do you save and why?         
Answer: First off I would save some sort of phone to contact somebody. 2. A blanket to keep me warm 3. Money so I could pay stuff.
So here's my final 3 things
1. Phone
2. Blanket
3. Money
I asked some other people what they thought. Let's find out what they say.
So here it is what 3 things would you do? Tell me in the comments
I hope you liked my blog post.

My long write

Since it is friday we had a Long Write and on Long Write days we have a picture to make a long write about. Here is the Picture:

We had to make a amazing (BTW the reason it is amazing is because I made it) long write out of that but luckily we had a sentence starter here:

It was the dead of night.
All that could be heard was the muffled beating of the creature’s enormous wings as it soared through the inky-black sky. Behind it, at the end of a frayed length of rope, sat the coachman. Coat wrapped tightly around his broad shoulders, his mission tonight was a straightforward one: to escort the two strangers to Castle Midnight. It all seemed straightforward to him. Even if it wasn’t, he always did as the Master bade. No one ever dared to disobey the Master, especially on a night such as this…

Finally now the moment you have been waiting for... The actual long write:

It was the dead of night.
All that could be heard was the muffled beating of the creature’s enormous wings as it soared through the inky-black sky. Behind it, at the end of a frayed length of rope, sat the coachman. Coat wrapped tightly around his broad shoulders, his mission tonight was a straightforward one: to escort the two strangers to Castle Midnight. It all seemed straightforward to him. Even if it wasn’t, he always did as the Master bade. No one ever dared to disobey the Master, especially on a night such as this… the coachman sat in his seat Bump bump thud “Hurry up why don’t ya?” The couchman whipped the creature as it screeched into the night.  The dark sky turned into an even darker cloud. Rain started falling making the coachman drenched, Thunder clapped and lightning hit the ground with a smash. Finally they made it to Castle midnight. The people walked into the castle leaving the couchman behind. “Before you go be careful” The coachman said in a croaky voice. “Oh such a silly man! I think we will be fine. Come Arthur” Taking off their coat. “Sure Mary” There was a man and a woman obviously married wearing very posh clothing. Taking no time going down the corridor. The door shut with a creak and a slam. They walked down to a door, They were supposed to stay there that night. They went into her room taking their stuff. The room was very old, but nice. They set up and went down to the dining area to have tea. When they mad it down they found there food already there, nice and warm. They came back to the room and got ready for bed, The couple got into bed and went to sleep… they woke up with a ear deafening crash. There cupboard fell over. Mary checked here phone the clock face saying 3:26 am. They got out of bed and put there coat on. Grabbing the flashlight they walked into the corridor. They turn on the light showing a silhouette of some sort of creature. Then disappearing into the darkness, they went forward and found a liquid dripping from the ceiling they led somewhere… They followed it.
Image result for thumbs up pngOh I almost forgot it's not published
But anyway hope you liked my blog post Bye