Friday, 6 July 2018

Term 2 Reflection

What worked well this term is to listen to the Teacher when tells me to do something.

Writing I find hard because I have to write 250 words which I find hard because I am not very
good at writing, For reading, we read a book and then answer questions about it at the moment
we are reading a book called posted.
One of the Teachers read the book at read and feed after we do the questions we activity about
the book we are reading.

This term I am proud of is Maths I think maths is one of my favourite subjects and I think I do well at it.
I have shown my hero qualities by listening to the Teachers almost every day, and not getting into much
trouble next term hopefully school goes better next term.
What hasn’t gone well for me is be in the Right place at the right time on my Chromebook and listen to the Teacher and not talk on the mat.

Because sometimes I get bored and I, What challenged me was Maths Sometimes math can be quite
difficult as some equations are easy and some are challenging and that is what I like about maths.
Next time I will focus on being on the right thing at the right time and doing hard math equations plus get work done when I'm supposed to. I find school challenging Sometimes, This term has been great
but there are some things I need to do better next term.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Maths DLO

Whats up I am Back with another blog post,
Today I am going to be doing a DLO about maths Today I have been doing Geometry I haven't finished it but it will be.

  My favourite thing was the symmetry
My hardest thing was identifying shapes
 and I also learnt a new word It is called a quadrilateral.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Going to Woodend camp

On wednesday the 6th of June Rimu class yr 5/6s went to Woodend camp. We left at 11:30, We got our on booklet it had rules for camp and Camp reflection writing section to talk about the day at camp.

We were coloring our booklets for camp then it was break time, We had morning  break and we ate our morning tea. Then it was time to go on the bus to Camp.
The picture of me is a bit weird
The bus ride was about 45 minutes
long. Then we got to camp it was pretty cool it had a basketball court and trampolines ect,
Then it was time to have a look at our bunkrooms Me and my best friend Rhys were together.

This is not finished but it will be in the future.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Hooked on books

This week we have been doing doing something called Hooked on books .
We have been enjoying listing to our book and we also illustrated our own picture for a story called the first hippo on the moon. What we have been doing is using flour water paste and panting over it we made some cool are here is some pictures of ironing the fabric.  

Friday, 11 May 2018

My Non-chron report

Hello, it's Kade😡
And this week my and my classmates
have done a non-chron report which is a non fiction sort of story

What I have found difficult is that its hard to write non-chron reports because its hard to write lots of words

and between the stories we have done I found that I can write more words

Birdy Trump, also known as the great eagleman.

This creature is indistinguishable from normal birds from several features
This bird like creature has a crown, Wings, bird legs and a suit

This thing like to eat Mexican
It is one of his favorites and what he would have for desert is a Mcflurry
but when he gets his Mcflurry he walks on the drive through

He likes to do political stuff and fly.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Commonwealth games work.

This term we were working on our Commonwealth games work and we had to answer questions about the Commonwealth games and this is what I did

Friday, 23 March 2018

All about me

Hi my name's Kade and this is my DLO
If you like it can you please comment:)