Friday, 21 September 2018

The Assassin Man

The Assassin Man

Rick was a normal person who lived in a normal neighborhood who had a normal life. He lived in a small normal house, He had a King Charles Spaniel. He was a very normal person but that was all about to change.

One day Rick got back from a very normal day of work, he soon had dinner. He turned on the TV when he heard a strange rustling like noise. He went outside to find out what it was, but when he was outside all he saw was a cat. He started to go back inside but then a streetlight shut off. Rick thought it just must have blown but then all of the lights went unlit row by row until it reached the end of the road. Rick stumbled back to the door but magically it just shut. He heard some more rustling Rick gazed around in terror. Then out of nowhere a figure in the dark appears it came closer and closer and then it bopped him on the head.

He has awoken in a strange place cold place almost everything was brick. There was only one person there he was holding a candle. Rick said “Why have you brought me here? Are you going to eat me?! ” the man chuckled “You have been chosen to go back through your ancestor's memories and assassinate all the evil people in that time. And no we're not going to eat you” Rick was amazed “So our saying I am going back in time?” The man nodded “Well then I will help you, But I have one question what if I die when I am back in my ancestor's memories” The man said “ You will respawn. Come we have a lot of work ahead of you” The man started to walk away Rick followed him. He leads Rick to this room where there were other people, Someone else came and said “I guessing you're here to become an Assassin” Rick nodded, “Right this way” he lead rick to this training room. The guy said “ Your training starts now “If you want to be an assassin you have to be quiet. You will have to sneak around these people without being heard or seen.” Rick started to crawl around.

But then he accidentally hit someone. The man said “Failed Try again” He tried again “Failed Try Again” Rick tried again and again but all he got was failed. Failed, Failed, Failed. Until one day it wasn’t Failed it was “Good Now Let's move on.” The man then said “Ok if you want to be an Assassin you have to learn to fight and Assassinate people. Follow me” Rick did as what he had been asked to do. The man then said “Here this is a hidden blade, To work it all you have to do is flick your wrist. Here why don’t you try.” The man passed him the Hidden Blade. He put on the Blade and flicked his wrist a small but deadly blade came out of his arm. “Here why don’t you try in on this dummy.” And Rick did. “Good Ok let's move onto the next weapon The Sword and Shield.” They then walked into another room “Here is a Simple sword and Shield

Try it on this dummy” Rick hit it. “Last the bow here you go hit these” Rick hit them right in the head. “Finale time to make you an Assassin. Now go” Rick asked, “Where do I go?” The man said “Follow Arnold over there” Rick nodded and he walked over to Arnold. He said, “Hey there I’m Arnold What's your name?”
“My name is Rick,” He Said Arnold asked him to follow him and he did. “ He is where you will be working here” It was a little cubicle which had a computer and what look liked a very set connected to it. Rick walked and put it on. Arnold said “ I will leave you to it”

First, he went back to the Victorian times. He was one of the best Assassins alive. Until one day he got asked to go back to the Egyptian times. He went back and there the Pharaoh turned bad he had to stop him. He tried to find him he met other Assassins there too and he helped the people in Egypt. Then one day assassinated him for the bad things he had done. He was the hero to everyone in Egypt. He went on many missions and he was never normal again.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Student Summit 2018

Last week some Kids from Rimu went to Hornby High School to do something called the student summit. It is where some children from all over from the Hornby cluster teacher each other about things they know we were teaching some kids from Hornby primary school about Biteable which is thing that can make videos. The groups went through different things to be taught about and I got taught about Coding and Stop Motion. It was really fun. My favorite thing was the coding

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Friday, 7 September 2018


Image result for thumbs upHi, I'm BACK! with another blog post and we have learned something really cool this week. Can you guess it? Well maybe because my title is called ALGEBRA. I can figure out stuff like.

I love maths

Algebra is quite fun once you get the hang of it.
You can do different Algebra as well
like plus and minus go together. And division and multiplication go together.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Maths investigation

Hey guys its Kade and this week for maths we have been doing an Investigation called the No 3 in a line. So basically what we do is have a 4 x 4 box and we have to fill it in with as many red squares but we can't have 3 in a row. Got it now? Great:) Here is some work that I have done.
Btw My slide is Slide 5,6 and 7.
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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Ice palace

Image result for ice palace robert swindellHey, guys, it's Kade and this week we have been doing narrative writing about Robert Swindells book Ice palace. We have started our narrative writing and improving so far this week. It has been great start of or narrative writing. Here is some examples of a ice palace. If you would like to give you a sneak peek of my writing please tell me in the comments. Also if you have read the book can you please tell me in the comments.
Bye Kade:)Image result for ice placeImage result for ice place

Friday, 24 August 2018

Our Class Trip

On Wednesday we went to the ECODrop, eco shop, and ECOSort and what we did at the ECOSort we were taught that the dye in the milk bottle caps can make the recycled bottles brittle and can break. My favorite place was the eco shop and what we had to do was we had to pretend we had 500$ dollars and we had to spend on stuff.

Maths week 2018

Hi, I'm Kade and I am here to tell you about Maths week. What we have been doing is making  a tiny 3D house and you may be thinking a house is not math well we had to record the area and perimeter. I and my friend Sam were making the house and its got quite hard building the house like building the furniture.